About Lanham Lyne

With experience in business, civic leadership, and a lifetime of fighting for conservative beliefs, Republican Lanham Lyne is ready to represent our conservative values in Austin.

Lifelong Conservative Republican

Lanham Lyne is a lifelong conservative Republican who has worked to promote our party’s principles of free enterprise, limited government, and personal responsibility. In announcing his candidacy, the priorities outlined by Lyne include ensuring a first-rate public education system, rolling back unfunded mandates, securing Texas’ borders, preserving rural Texans’ sacred second amendment rights, and protecting traditional values of faith and family.

Please visit the issues section to learn more about Lanham’s conservative agenda.

Successful Businessman

As a businessman, he knows the burden of government regulation and taxes. During a time when we need job growth, he’ll use his business experience to fight for pro-growth policies which will help rebuild our North Texas economy.

Lanham started in the oil and gas industry, learning the business from the ground up. He started working in the field as a roust-a-bout, eventually earning promotions to Assistant Field Superintendent and Drilling and Production Manager for an area oil and gas firm. From 1984 to 1987 he served as the Vice-President of Lyne Oil & Gas Corporation. Lanham graduated cum laude from Midwestern State University in 1985 with a BBA in Finance. He is currently the president of Lyne Energy Partners, a position he has held since 1988.

Proven, Respected Leadership

He’s a mayor who took office during challenging times, and made tough decisions on where to cut the budget. That experience will be important as Texas faces a budget shortfall when legislators convene in Austin next January.

Lyne was first elected mayor of Wichita Falls in 2005, winning a majority of the vote in a nine-candidate special election. In his four and a half years leading Wichita Falls, Mayor Lyne developed a reputation as a conservative innovator and as a leader who initiated new lines of communication with citizens. He won re-election in 2006 with more than 90% of the vote, and was unopposed in 2008.

Community Volunteer

Lanham Lyne has given back to Wichita Falls and North Texas. While attending college, he held various positions with the YMCA of Dallas including Camp Counselor and Waterfront Director at Camp Grady Spruce and Counselor at “Casa,” a runaway shelter. From 1995 to 1999, he volunteered as the Head Basketball Coach and part-time history teacher at Notre Dame High School.

Lanham has taught Sunday school classes at different churches he has attended since high school. He has served on a multitude of boards including: Dallas YMCA – Camp Grady Spruce, Wichita Falls YMCA, North Texas Area United Way, and First Christian Church. From 1991 to 1996, he served as Trustee of the Priddy Foundation. He has also served as a Chairman and the Trustee of the Midwestern State University Foundation. Lanham is married to Sharla and together they have six children. They are members of Colonial Church.